Our Story: Custom Metal Wall Art from Next Innovations

Next Innovations is an American company that is a leader in the design and manufacture of both indoor and outdoor custom metal wall art. The company was started in 1999, experienced tremendous growth over the years and then was sold in July of 2014 to the new owners. Exclusive product offerings with a unique artisan twist have made Next Innovations the leader in American made custom metal wall art.

Today, Next Innovations offers over 350 creative and stunning custom metal wall art products for a wide range of retailers from art galleries to specialty boutiques and tourist gift shops, to hardware and large garden centers.  We also offer our products directly to consumers with the opportunity to have a piece of custom metal wall art made.  Visit metalartmaker.com or contact us if you have a piece of art or a picture that you would like made into your own piece of custom metal wall art.

Future continued growth and success will be realized by maintaining a vigorous proactive relationship with Next Innovation’s customers, sales representatives, suppliers and employees through the following:

  • Quality U.S. made, well-priced product line of over 350 items
  • Dedication to creating new and exciting products
  • Exclusive artisan designs that are very distinguishing and unique
  • An experienced and well trained staff
  • Friendly and helpful customer service
  • Fast Shipping
  • Committed and energized national sales organization

Innovative Designs

We pride ourselves on being able to create the NEXT BIG THING in custom metal wall art!


Custom Fabrication

You can’t spell customer without the word custom and we take it to the next level.


We make sure every one of our American made products is kept to the highest of standards to ensure that it is the BEST.

Customer Support

We are real people that want to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our products. We are here to help!

What makes our custom metal wall art so cool and interesting?

Answer: Infusion®, Refraxions®, Layered 3-D, Artistic Design and Shape

  • 7-step Infusion® process that chemically bonds the vibrant colors and details into the 16 to 22 gauge steel surface, creating a vibrant and durable surface that is UV, corrosion, and scratch resistant.
  • Refractions® Is a handcrafted artisan technique that applies a unique metallic swirl pattern which creates another spectacular layer of dimension. Combined with the 7-Step Infusion® process and the ability to bend and manipulate the piece gives a truly unique 3-Dimensional effect that is visually expressive and artistically appealing.
  • Layered 3-D Artwork is a tremendous artistic technique of using multiple 22 gauge steel layers that create a dramatic and visually magnificent piece of art décor giving it that “Wow” appeal that everyone is seeking to display. Each layer of the art is powder coated and created through the 7-step Infusion® giving the layers vibrant colors and a very durable finish.
  • The American artists and designers have brought the art to life. Each art piece is handcrafted with a unique artisan touch. The laser cut fins, feathers, claws, palm fronds, etc. are easy manipulated adding angles and dimensions to the art.

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